1. International Panflute Masterclass is a project that aims to organize panflute training courses. The project is organized by the International Association of Youth BECOME in partnership with Interart Concept Association.
  2. The Online Winter Session 2024 of International Panflute Masterclass project is held in Online, on ZOOM Platform, in the period 19, 20, 21.01.2024 – 26, 27, 28.01.2024.
  3. The masterclass is addressed to the people who are studying panflute and who want to develop their skills.
  4. Participants can be of any nationality or age.
  5. The classes will be held on four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. Also, the courses will be held in groups, not individually.
  6. Participation in the masterclass is based on enrollment. Entry is made online only, using the form designed by the organizers, available on the website www.panflutemasterclass.ro.
  7. The organizers may reject candidates whose entry form is not fully filled in or who do not comply with the requirements of the Regulation.
  8. The organizers reserve their right that, during the courses, if a student does not correspond with the level he chose in the registration form, to be moved to the appropriate level. This measure can be taken only with the consent of all teachers.
  9. The student can attend one, two or all courses, the choice not affecting the participation fee.
  10. The organizers do not offer tools (panflute) for courses.
  11. To attend the masterclass, students must pay a participation fee of 350 euros.
  12. To be enrolled a student must pay the fee, up to  15.01.2024. If a student decides to retire after he/she payed the fee, the participation fee will not be refunded.
  13. In case of cancellation of the masterclass, the participation fee will be refunded integrally.
  14. The fee includes courses.
  15. Participants have the following rights:
  16. Participants have the following obligations:

– to be informed about schedule changes and other changes occurred during the masterclass

– to use the title of masterclass participant

– to receive certificate of participation signed and stamped by the organizers.

  1. The Masterclass will be held in Romanian, English, German, French, Czech and Dutch (depending to the teacher).
  2. The deadline for the masterclass registration is 15.01.2024
  3. More information about International Panflute Masterclass or filling in of the online form can be found by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address office@panflutemasterclass.ro
  4. Teachers from International Panflute Masterclass will be graduates of the Zamfir’s class at the National Music University from Bucharest, and others chosen by them.